Tuesday, October 31, 2006


OK...sometimes it's spelled differently, and:

I mean, I know they got there a little late to actually protect the thing, but isn't reassuring to know the bureaucrats are still active and on the job?

Heads up by SayUncle, courtesy of Two-Four...
Ah well, such stupidity couldn't happen here...

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scout said...

wtf? ok, that's like going just a bit too far on the part of the law. it's like getting a ticket for jaywalking in a town of 1,000 people....like, it just doesn't happen!

i guess if there's a complaint they're obliged to act on it, but who the hell would complain?

they'd be far better off sticking to the trading posts where there's so much black market stuff. i remember going into one in new mexico and we cajoled the propieotr into showing us his 'prized' stuff. this sucker should have been locked up!!!!!!