Thursday, October 12, 2006

Mine Your Own Business

Richard Evans blog Let Freedom Reign deserves your visit to read about Mine Your Own Business, and to watch the accompanying short video.


Scout said...

ron, i watched the trailer, but i really can't bite into the notion of the film until i know more things....such as....when was this mine is romania slated to open? who made the film? are romania and the other countries depitcted in the film undertaking sustainabile measures for their country? are there worker co-operatives in those countries? blah blah blah. otherwise it just seems like corporate hype.

Ron said...

scout: I noticed some of your concerns were responded to at Richard's blog, but I also see no reason to distrust this more or less than material coming from environmentalists or the government. It's good to be cautious, but also good to listen with an open mind.

Take a look at Virginai Postrel's Creating Nature article, which is somewhat related (to my concerns at least).

Scout said...

ergh, too tired tonight ron to look at the link....but yes, an open mind (it's just the way the trailer was presented that put a lot of red flags up). on the other end of the coin of my thoughts, there's an awful lot of 'greenwashing' going on today.....politicians and companies espousing this and that as 'environmentally better' when it's not, and they just use sustainabilty as a buzzword.

also, a lot of environmentalists got stuck in the 70's style of the cause. so i think there's good critism of both, and yet there's a lot of applause for so many who HAVE moved forward with sustainability in it's proper context.

who knows when that movie would ever hit this island's video rental, and i'm not about to send away and pay for it.