Sunday, October 01, 2006

Dignity and Grace.


Quoting Mr. Maher Arar:

"My wife, Monia, and I spoke with Commissioner Zaccardelli today on the telephone, and received his personal apology. We thanked him for publicly apologizing to us and for acknowledging that serious mistakes were made that caused my family and me serious harm...We also thanked the commissioner for accepting the findings and recommendations in Justice [Dennis] O'Connor's report, and urged him to ensure the recommendations that pertain to the RCMP are fully implemented as soon as possible."

That's a class act. A lot of folks could and should learn something from it.

Mr. Arar: Thank you, Sir, with my sincere compliments, and my sorrow for your losses.


Scout said...

oh ya! what an example arar is!!!!!!! it reminds me of the couple who's daughter was murdered in africa. they got together with the parents of the two murderes and the murderes themselves and sat and talked......they gave forgiveness. some people are amazing.

Neo Conservative said...

The Liberal Credo...
Hear no evil, see no evil, dump it on some shmuck down the food chain.

Scout said...


Scout said...

interesting to note that while zac the cop-omaniac issued an apology, harper has called up bush asking him not to hold our citizens for blah blah blah.. yet, no apology from shepho? yes, let's just call the president of north america instead, who's now legalized torture and detainment. way to go harpo, i'm sure you'll be effective!