Sunday, October 29, 2006


Big Scare is Doug Biggs and Mishka Keir.


Check the link above and listen to a few Big Scare tunes (My faves? "Sarah" is wonderful, so is "Rounder Man").

Lemme tell ya about this duo...

I first heard Big Scare at a local jam in Courtenay, British Columbia. Now, Courtenay is chock full of great musicians, as it happens, so hearing something unusually good isn't all that uncommon, except... the end of the first song, I was moved to tears. Right in front of my eyes and ears, an otherwise very ordinary day was becoming something I would remember forever. It's one thing to hear a great recording or see a great concert. It's entirely another to be so moved by witnessing sheer musical and (especially) vocal brilliance.

I'm not sure Doug and Mishka know this (well, they will if they read this) but although I loved speaking with them after their performances, I usually had to compose myself first. It isn't generally good form to gush teary eyed while talking to friends.

No insult to anyone else, but Mishka isn't at the top of her game...she's plain at the top of the game.

Doug is a consummate musical craftsman, a terrific singer is his own right, and a bloody wonderful arranger. The sum of the whole makes the ability to see Big Scare one of the things I miss most about the Valley.

If you have any connections at all: BOOK these folks, Danno.

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