Monday, October 23, 2006

L. Neil Smith

"in economic terms...when two people are taxed for a lifetime, one whole human life has been used up, consumed by the ravenous state".

Anything else you want your government to do for you--with someone else's money?

Link to L. Neil Smith's Blog.

Link to the article where the above quote resides.

L. Neil Smith is one of my favorite authors. You can find his stuff--and much more--at Laissez Faire Books, whose slogan is (accurately) The Worlds Best Selection of Books on Liberty.


Scout said...

yes ron, i'd like someone esle's money to set me up a trust fund for travel. could you make the arrangements please? yes? hey, what a buddy!!!!

Ron said...

scout: Ah, my dear friend, it pains me to deny your request, but unfortunately so many others have beaten you to the booty...and there's a waiting list, too--a long one.

My sincerest apologies--but I could (and would) put you and yer beau up for a night or two if you're ever in town...