Thursday, October 26, 2006

Jeff McCann

I've just finished the website for my good friend and fellow musician, Jeff McCann of Peace River, Alberta. The site promotes Jeff's latest CD: "Serpent on the Grass".

Jeff is a fine guitarist and vocalist, the host (with wife Suzanne) at Peace River's best weekly musician's jam, and a skilled songwriter. I was very pleased that he asked me both to do his site and to play a bit of harp on one of the tunes.

There's a high bitrate mp3 download of the complete song "Like A Chain" available on the music page (at the top), plus short clips of the rest of the tunes on this CD (a little lower).

Good songwriting is a difficult craft, and Jeff's tunes have catchy vocal/lyric hooks, and melodic guitar solos that fit the tunes rather than being just scale-derived fills. I think his CD is well worth a listen.

Good work, Jeff.


Scout said...

o.k., not fiar, i clicked on 'a better picture' but the into and short verse didn't have your harp on it!!!!

that's great you helped out a fellow musician...hope his career goes well! nice web site ron.

Ron said...

Awww, Scout, that's kind of you to think the harp would have been worth listening to :-).

Jeff's a good guy, and talented. He and I are mixing down a couple of rough tracks of two R&B classics: Who Do You Love and Shaky Ground and I might put them up at my harp site in a bit.

Also, thanks for the kind words on Jeff's site. I had fun with it.