Sunday, October 29, 2006

Microwave Rice

I love rice. But before I got one of these my results were always kinda hit and miss.

Not now.

I know this is a horror to some folks but I like white rice better, usually--but no matter; this wonderful item does both, quick and easy. Mine's black but it's exactly the same item otherwise, and I got mine at Wal-Mart® for about ten or eleven bucks...

Anyways, I know this may be old news to some (it's old news to me; I've had mine for over a year) but a good idea is still a good idea.

I get perfectly cooked, fluffy, extra long grain white rice in 13 minutes, anytime I want. Brown takes about 20. No muss, no fuss. It makes a big difference, though, if I rinse the rice before cooking to get rid of the glumpy starch (pour cold water over rice, stir with fingers till the water gets milky, and drain the water--do it twice for great results).

Then nuke (2 cups of dry white long grain rice and 3 cups of water) for 13 minutes (1000 watt at high--your mileage may vary), let the rice sit with the cooker unopened for 5 minutes, open it up, spoon out the rice and: YUM.

Oh yeah, and the thing also doubles as a killer vegetable steamer.

...we now return to regular programming...

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