Wednesday, April 16, 2008

You didn't think they'd stop at cigarettes, didja?

Punish all drinkers for crimes of drunks, say health chiefs.
Ian Gilmore, president of the Royal College of Physicians, said: 'Third-party damage from alcohol is much greater – in terms of violence and the damage to unborn children, the first sexual experience and the percentage of unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases.'
Is it painfully obvious to you yet that these bozos started with cigarettes knowing that what they really wanted wouldn't fly until the principles had been put in place by going after smokers?

They won't stop with booze either.


Anonymous said...

Where did all these horrible prudes come from? i thought this was supposed to be the age of personal licence, sexual freedom, etc., etc.

Seriously, who are these wankers? And more importantly, has any of them ever been kissed?


Mike said...

Honeslty, I'm with OC on this. Have a beer and smoke, maybe score with that cute redhead over there.

Lighten up.

Funny part is, on the left they think these guys are rightwingers. On the right, they think they are lefties.

So, to paraphrase Butch and Sundance, who are those guys?

Ron said...

These "wankers" as you so aptly put it, are the meddlers and interlopers of both the left and the right, proving once again that the old left-right nomenclature is useless in describing or understanding any matrix--whether political, moral or economic--with freedom at one end and and totalitarianism at the opposing end.

Whether or not they have been kissed, they are nonetheless perfectly willing to royally screw *you* as they work towards the so-called utopias of their choice.