Thursday, April 03, 2008

This for "left" anarchists who hate right-wingers...

There might be something about the Right that you aren't familiar with, and that's precisely the anti-statism you search for, work for, as an anarchist.

But these days, "the Right" is generally applied to corporate-statist conservatives, as if no other tradition existed.

But an anti-statist Right did exist. And still does to a degree larger than most present day leftists expect, and to a much larger degree than most leftists pundits acknowledge, even as they claim historical competence.

That's the preamble.

For you left anarchists, then, who are not aware of the Right's still present anti-statist cohort, it might help to see what the conflict between big-government, interventionist rightists and right-anarchists looks like in real life. Here's an example found at lowercase liberty, the blog of BK Markus:

a page containing two conflicting obituaries for Murray Rothbard, one by the National Review's William Buckley, and a response by Lou Rockwell.

Read the obits.


Mike said...

Good post Ron. I try to read Lew Rockwell everyday...he's much better now that its not "All Ron Paul All the time" over there.

I like guys like Kevin Carson and Roderick Long as well (Long lectures at Mises and is a left-libertarian)

I think there are lots of people on the right who are unaware of the libertarian left market anarchist tradition, often mistaking anyone who is a lefty as a state socialist, in much the same way traditional lefties mistake right-libertarians for state capitalists.

Rothbard, at least, is respected by both.

You ought to check out the LeftLibertarian2 yahoo group. Guys like Chuck Munson from Infoshop often chat with Roderick Long, Kevin Carson, a bunch of Rothbardians, and some old Lew Rockwell guys.

Ron said...

Thanks Mike.

And agreed through and through.