Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The almost automatic leap of stupidity:

I'm doing my daily stroll at FARK and I run into a post about prostitution busts (actually "john" busts, it seems) in Memphis.

Then it's over to the comments, where I find a unit named fiegel07 getting perilously close to common sense:
I've never really understood why prostitution is illegal. If people want to pay to have sex, then who are we to stop them? Legalize it...
Now, I'm sure feige107 means well, but, yup, he follows immediately with the ever-so-common leap of stupidity:
...and tax the transactions.
We all see it everyday whenever the subject of so-called "legalising" some so-called sin or other comes up: "legalize it, tax it".

All I've got to say is that a "sin tax" is nothing more and nothing better than a bribe paid to governments for permission to do what isn't their business anyway; it's just protection money.

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Aaron Kinney said...

Well the joke's on them anyway. Last night I got my girl a bottle of wine and got laid as a result! They can't tax THAT.

Ummm, but on second thought, I paid a sales tax on the wine... OH SHI-