Monday, April 07, 2008

Should you trust governments?

From The Times Online: Ten conspiracy theories more ridiculous than the Diana "plot".

Here's one:
2. In 1959, when Francois Mitterrand was already a famous politician, he narrowly escaped an assassination attempt outside the Luxembourg Gardens in Paris. His car was riddled with bullets but he leapt to safety.

When the gunman and the organiser of the attempt were arrested they were able to prove that the whole thing was a fake organised by Mitterrand to win favourable headlines and implicate General de Gaulle. Charges against the "assassins" were dropped. Mitterrand was later elected President of France.
That one is true. Guess about the other nine.

I trust dollars more than votes. The guys wanting dollars but not votes don't force me to buy their stuff; I'm free to do without any of it.

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