Monday, August 21, 2006

Video Links

One of the best things about the Net is the video available--especially since mainstream TV is so...uh...informative. Right. In any case, here's links to some online video that's worth watching. Hint: especially with the Friedman series, watch it in episode order.

The first is
The Libertarian Alternative series. Understand that I'm not suggesting you watch this stuff so you can go out and vote. I'm not even sure voting's a good idea, especially considering the things folks figure they have a right to vote about. I'm just saying watch this stuff so you get a better idea of what freedom might mean, especially compared to what you have today. Do I agree with everything these folks say? Nope. But not so much I think you'll be worse off for hearing it. Just so you know: I'm not fond of the series host, sometimes I think he's not even listening, and when he does, sometimes he clearly doesn't get it, so thank whatever you thank that the show's guests are pretty bright.

The second is the Milton Friedman's
Free To Choose series. As Billy Beck points out clearly: "this is broad-stroke baby-stuff and should be taken with great care, because there is no morality in it. It is sheerly utilitarian." Totally correct, but... Do I agree with everything Freidman says? Nope. But, again, not so much I think you'll be worse off for hearing it.

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