Wednesday, August 30, 2006

This just makes sense...

Scratch every environment-related reason to buy these--it's still a really good idea to get some.

Not news but still...


Bill-Muskoka said...


We made the switch to them a year ot two ago. The new ones put out the proper spectrum that give a warm, more towards the red light, than the older bluer ones.

There was a study done back in '70's or '80's regarding fluorescent lighting and it found that the conventional bluish spectrum emissions caused a 20% loss of muscle strength by employees working under them. Then came the new Daylight' bulbs.

I look for the new Super LED's to eventually replace even these new fluorescents.

We get 60 watts of light from a 13 watt replacement, and they last longer too!

One note of caution with all fluorescent bulbs, and I am not sure if these new ones are included, but the gas used in them is from a drop or two of Mercury. NEVER breath it if a break occurs. You can lose your eyesight.

This also raises the question of proper disposal and heavy metal contamination of the landfills and ground water.

The coating inside the glass is what determines the spectral characteristics BTW.

We also changed all our Xmas decoration lights to the new LED...what a relief that more having to find the bad bulb.

Their life expentancies is about 200,000 hours, which is 23 years.

Scout said...

when we moved last year i took the spirling bulb we did have out and replaced it with a standard way i was letting go of that sucker!!! has served us well for several years.

as for xmas trees, i have up on them, well kinda as our adult daughter gets upset if we don't do SOMETHING so i just buy a very small one, in a pot, and put a few minis on it. this year i think i'll scrap the tangled mess of the old bulbs and get the led. makes sense. ugh, what a stressful time of year....we've paired it down to just the three of us.

my six siblings and various parental units went to a 'draw' about a decade ago and whoever wins, everyone dontates $25 to the 'cause' of that person's choice. hubby's side ot the family with five siblings just said 'no more'. whew.

Ron said...

scout: I like the look of LEDs on a Christmas tree, but really I like the old efforts that have like the candle shaped doolie filled with liquid, and it bubbles when it's warm, all pretty like.

In the real world, the only old-school thing I really miss is decent stitched leather soled shoes. The news ones, you wear 'em for a year or so and the uppers are still fine but the soles are shot, so the whole shoe's toast.

Well, okay, that and Fizzies, but you can get Fizzies again now.

Bill-Muskoka said...

Okay, call me old fashioned, even retro! I still think Lava Lamps are the hoot!

Ron said...

I've got a Peter Max clock on my wall :-)

...oh, and some Retinal Circus and Family Dog posters.

That means I can't call anybody old fashioned.