Thursday, October 29, 2009

Stupid is as stupid does....

Mont. jury awards $850,000 in aluminum bat lawsuit

HELENA, Mont.—A jury on Wednesday found that the maker of Louisville Slugger baseball bats failed to adequately warn about the dangers the product can pose, awarding a family $850,000 for the 2003 death of their son in a baseball game.

The family of Brandon Patch argued that aluminum baseball bats are dangerous because they cause the baseball to travel at a greater speed. They contended that their 18-year-old son did not have enough time to react to the ball being struck before it hit him in the head while he was pitching in an American Legion baseball game in Helena in 2003.
Someone will poke their eye out...

Coffee can be really hot. People will try to hit things fast with good bats. Sticks can have pointy ends. Rocks can hurt you...DHMO can kill..(don't believe me about DHMO?)

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