Wednesday, October 15, 2008

"If you don't vote..."

"If you don't vote..." so the saying goes: " don't have a right to complain".

Uh, horsepuckey. If anything, it's actually "If you vote, then you don't have a right to complain." And here's why:

If you vote, you are accepting the process, with all that entails. So, if you vote: that's your kick at the can because you believe that voting *is* the concrete embodiment of you having your say. After all the talking and investigating, it's your folded and popped into the box decision.

Well, the results are what they are, all nice and proper like you say you like it, so now, if it's anyone, it's *you* who can shut up and just live with it.

Me: I'll just keep right on complaining and speaking my mind. After all, I had *nothing* to do with that voting nonsense.

(me at StageLeft)


Mike said...

Yes, that sir was great. I believe it was the late lamented George Carlin that had a stand routine based on this, wasn't it?

Ron said...

Geez, Mike: I don't know. If he did, he was correct :-)