Sunday, January 20, 2008

Typical Chavez.

In my last post, I wrote: "On an otherwise depressing day, I at least have my faith restored that a politician somewhere is gonna spew some reprehensible (and, in this case, cowardly) dribble," and I followed with some prattle from a Dutch politician.

But when it comes to classic political spew, though, there's few as arrogant, sleazy and dictatorial as Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez (AP).

From the article:
With the country recently facing milk shortages, Chavez said "it's treason" if farmers deny milk to Venezuelans while selling it across the border in Colombia or for gourmet cheeses.

"In that case the farm must be expropriated," Chavez said, adding that the government could also take over milk plants and properties of beef producers.

"I'm putting you on alert," Chavez said. "If there's a producer that refuses to sell the product ... and sells it at a higher price abroad ... ministers, find me the proof so it can be expropriated.
There's a shorter version, in plain english. Chavez' grand plans have totally fucked up Venezuela's economy and now he's more desperate than ever to force folks to fix his mistakes, as if more of the same is a solution. It won't work; it never does. This is just one more step on the escalator to economic collapse and squalor. In other words, just the typical socialist-interventionist end-game.

Oh, and this:
Addressing his Cabinet, he said: "If the army must be brought in, you bring in the army."
That's just unequivocal warning that he'll kill to get his way. Like I said: typical.

He's a typical megalomaniacal thug.


Mike said...

You know, early on, he made some interesting policy changes - decentralizing the government etc that seemed pretty good. But last year when he decided he needed to rule by decree and wanted to remain president for life, I realized he was just another dictators and thug, using the rhetoric of freedom to suck in the stupid.

What shocks me is that there are still libertarians and even anarchists that still like this guy...

Noah "Nog" M. said...

(Classical) Liberals like Chavez?

Anyways hopefully, once he's made himself unpopular and gets himself deposed, Hernando de Soto or some fellow like him will go in and make it a nice free market Chavez-free place.