Saturday, January 12, 2008

Instead of a smoke free workplace...

how about a meddler-free workplace?

MSNBC Associate Editor Brian Tracey wrote a small story about a German employer who fired the non-smokers on his staff because they were troublesome to him, constantly complaining. For whatever reasons, the employer prefers employees who smoke.

Tracey got kinda smarmy, writing:
Not surprisingly, the three fired workers are now suing for unfair dismissal.

They may have a strong case because we believe Jensen's policy is too narrow: In addition to being smokers, he needs to also restrict his hiring to people who overeat and get falling-down drunk at lunch.
Actually, Brian, maybe the employer just oughtta be able to choose his employees, and those who wish to work for him on his terms ought to be free to do so. That would, I know, be a disappointment to nanny-staters, and it'd reduce employment opportunities for bureaucrats, but still...

Me, I'm 100% with the employer on this one.

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