Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Leaving entirely aside many reputable scientists who disagree with current "conventional wisdom" on global warming, here's a heads up on those who use the term "such and such denier" whether speaking of the Holocaust or global warming (or anything else for that matter).

The phrase "____________ denier" is an epithet and is always and only used to stifle dissent. Make no mistake about it; those who use the term denier do so in a clear attempt to equate "global-warming deniers" and "holocaust deniers". And it's no accident; the term was picked--and is used--specifically for its connotation. The term "denier" is nothing but a tool of megalomaniacal true believers who hold that reason and respectful discussion have no place in human interaction once they have made up their minds.

In one sense they are correct: reason has no place in their interactions and those who use the term are somewhat generously stating clearly that your attempts to reason with them will probably be useless and (more important) will be treated by them as useless. In other words, those who use the term have minds like steel traps; nothing gets in.


Mike said...

I think "skeptic" is a better term but I think then there needs to be a term for those do not accept the most obvious science and history.

I mean in this case, even the "Skeptics Society" is no longer skeptical of global warming being caused by human activity.

Ron said...

I think skeptic is a better term, too. And I have no doubt human activity influences climate--I think it's foolish to think otherwise.

My problem is not with the difference of views; it's with the smear accompanying the term "denier".