Monday, February 12, 2007


Ahmadinejad interviewed by Diane Sawyer (ABC news video)

What's the again part?


People are not their caricatures.

I'll say it again: the United States is badly misreading this guy.


Anonymous said...

President Ahmadinejad's real views are summarized on this website:

Ron said...

Although I prefer posters to use unique nicks rather than the generic "anonymous" I really appreciate the reference. Thanks.

The_SRV said...

Why is Iran in the sights of Bush and Co. Bush needs to be the perpetual war president. If he goes out of power there will be arrests and prosecutions.

I linked to this post from my blog, The Stark Raving Viking.

There has been something wrong in the US too long. There is a White Elite that owns most everything and their powerbase has been under threat for a while based on birthrates and "illegal" immigration.

The throwing as many poorer whites and minorities as possible in prison was a overused short term solution. Felons can't vote, may never have steady work, and have extreme difficulty in getting housing in their names.

The US final solution to the "minority" problem might be Martial Law and George W. Bush not facing election in 2008.

Try looking up the name "Steven G. Erickson" in a word search engine.

The Police in the US have a "Secret Enemies List". If you are a mouthy minority or a white that connects the dots, you are arrested and usually end up in prison.

I had a small business built up over 2 decades and was current on 3 rental property mortgages. I was a target of the police for what I wrote in newspapers.

Non-Whites that owned pizza restaurants or convenience stores in "White Only" areas were also targets.

The world should know.

New Orleans was a testing ground for what can be done. White police, mostly State Police from around the country were called in that had sniper experience. The National Guard has too many minorities. The Death Squads killed the Blacks in New Orleans and allegedly put them in refrigerated tractor trailers to be flown over the ocean by Chinook Helicopters to be dropped out in the open ocean.

The BBC had reported on new "Crowd Control" weapons developed by Israel and the US. Those could kill contained crowds using microwaves. The mostly minorities could be loaded in containers, loaded on container ships and the ship could be sunk at sea in deep water to hide the evidence.

Maybe George W. Bush's Final Solution.

Then there is world domination.