Monday, November 20, 2006

Trust the Government?

OK, admittedly this is the US government, but still...

The FBI framed four innocents for murder back in the sixties because they wanted to use the real guilty guys as informants. The innocent folks spent decades in prison (two of 'em died there).
In his opening, Hartford attorney Austin J. McGuigan, representing [one of the 4 innocents], cited a score of FBI memos and reports showing that numerous FBI agents - including Hoover - not only knew the identities of Deegan's real killers, but had the information before he was killed.
One of the FBI agents in on the scam was later arrested for murder himself:
He was accused of conspiring with the murder of Roger Wheeler, president of the World Jai Alai corporation. Rico and [another mobster] were part of an underworld attempt to take over a substantial portion of the East Coast parimutuel wagering on jai alai. Rico died in January 2004 while awaiting trial in a Tulsa, Okla., jail.
Trust the Government? Yeah, right.

Meanwhile, Leonard Peltier is still in jail. He's there based on FBI testimony.

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scout said...

peltier being in the big house is a crime itself. nothing like the thugs of the government 'just doing our job, ma'am'. yikes....this b.s. has been going on since the inception of the colonized government , your articles points that out nicely.......while these are 'terrible times', t'ain't much of nothing new going on.

geeze ron, you must have taken a sabatical from blogging.....busy with your friend's cd project?