Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Iraq: An Interesting Exercise for those...

...who like reading between the lines.


Hmmmmmm...Sunni & Baath (sometimes the same folks) Iraqi insurgents loyal to Saddamare being asked by Saddam and his lieutenants (including a Saddam/Baath second in command, former vice-president Izzat Ibrahim al-Douri , still at large) to cease hostilities.

That doesn't mean all the Sunnis will stop--or even all the Baathists who happen to be Sunni, but still...

And I'm looking at the CBC News picture of Saddam today. So should you. (I'd post the photo here but I'm not sure if that's legal).




scout said...

ron good! you would actually care if posting a pic from cbc is legal???i cant believe it!!!!

anyways, i don't think anyone's come after any of us little bloggers for copyright infringement. just drag and drop it, rename it, post it. no prob.

if by the rare rare rare chance they traced you, the most they would do is ask you to remove it. they have far bigger fish to fry.

Ron said...

Hiya Scout:

Well, I'm a libertarian "property rights" kinda guy--and the photographer is a pro trying to do his job. Now, if I was parodying it and photoshopping it, I could probably go for it under fair use/fair comment stuff, but I just want folks to see it :-)

scout said...

ha, and i'm a 'liberator'! as far as i see, what's on the net is fair game....kinda what the net is all about to begin with. besides, the guy's made his money and if he were really concerned there would be a stamp on the photo, which you then trace to the source and ask permission or buy.

also, pics where a person wants copyright on the net put them in those cyber places where you pay to download them.

but hey, whatever you're comfortable with, i don't want to impose on your level of thought there.

oh it's a glorious sunny day here today!!!