Monday, September 04, 2006

Todays interesting read:

So I'm watching "Deadwood" and I start thinking about parallels between that fictional society and what some see as "how things would be" in an anarcho-capitalist world.

Turns out, I'm not the only one. Google Deadwood and libertarian or anarcho-capitalist to see more observations about the show relative to history, economics and all that.

But anyways, in my web meanderings I found this, An American Experiment in Anarho-Capitalism: The Not So Wild, Wild West from two folks at the Department of Economics, Montana State University.

Which gets me to a quick "aside": On a couple of my favorite "left-leaning" blogs, some writers (usually as a sort of en passant move sidestepping a point of discourse) constantly make references to some supposed Libertarian Utopia that they claim anarcho-capitalists and libertarians (and, by extension, me) think possible. When I listen to the future claims of most politically-minded folks, it becomes clear to me that the only folks who don't envision some sort of "we'll all get along wonderfully" utopia are exactly the libertarians and anarcho-capitalists. Making no claim at all for a utopia; they just say things would be more rationally fair if and as we move in that direction. I agree.

In any case, as found here at Billy Beck's wonderful Two-Four blog:

"In your efforts to reduce government, aim for zero. If you ever get there and don't like what you see, I guarantee that it will be the easiest thing in the world to pick up the nearest telephone and have another one established on the very next day." Robert LeFevre (1970)


Scout said...

i'm not quite sure what an anarcho-capitalist is....i went to the link , the print was too small and i was too lazy to enarge the text.

HOWEVER, the original form of anarchy was benign earth worship, letting nature, who's wisdom and knowledge is far greater then ours , be our guide (there's the iroquois constitution again). somehow 'anarchy' got miscontrued along the way.

anarchists and libertarians basically work for the same things. there's a fine line between them, anarchists coming from a place of circle, the whole, cooperative efforts. libertarians , as i understand it, come from a place of self.

at any rate, the smaller governement is the better. gotta admit those bureaucrats have succeeded well in maintaining their jobs through useless blather.

Ron Good said...

Hi scout: anarcho-capitalists are anarchists that come from individualism and differ from libertarians only so far as the diference between minarchy (small, very limited gov't) as opposed to none. :-)

I loved the LeFevre quote regarding the fear of less government...

Anonymous said...
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