Friday, September 08, 2006

I like this...


But then, I also like this.


Scout said...

ha, ya, i like both 'eco-artsy' and the well made. guess that's why i have an eclectic wardrobe for 'special occasions' mostly consisting of things like an east indian dress with tux tails and moccasins. all thrift shop save for the moccasins

vintage tux jackets are another fave,, as well as tux shirts over a camesol....old english leather field riding boots, that kind of stuff.

Ron said...

hiya scout: I'm a solid thriftaholic myself. I even did a website for guys who might want a killer wardrobe on the cheap.

I have a passion for well-made British shoes; if I was millionaire I'd make Imelda Marcos look like a piker. I'd love a good pair of riding boots, for instance. On the second link, check the premium country shoes, and on the best made shoes, when the sole is worn out, y'just get 'em resoled. Not like modern shoes where the upper can be fine but the shoe's toast because they can't be re-soled. Much cheaper in the long run.

I loved the creativity of the folks on the first link.