Friday, January 16, 2009

Been away, sorta...

Just a quick note to say hi to folks that drop by. I'm busy with other interests for a bit but I'll be back.


Mike said...

Glad to hear Ron...your not the3 only one with blog fatigue right now... notice I haven't updated any blogs for a long either.

JimBobby said...

Whooee! I been slackin' off in teh boogin' department, too. I was thinkin' about you this AM, Ron, when I was reading a letter-to-ed in one o' yer Peace country media outlets.

The part where he sez : "...attempt to fear monger by making ill-informed statements about our industry’s safety record. The truth is there has never been a fatality - or an injury of any kind - to a member of the public due to reactor operations."

He's sayin' Chernobyl never happened.

He's sayin' the German government never did studies that discovered children living near nuke plants have higher than average levels of childhood leukemia.

Notice that he's broadly referring to the whole industry, not just Bruce or Canada. Notice, also, he's careful to say it's the "public" who haven't been injured -- as opposed to "anyone" which would include workers.

The Bruce boys is whitewashin' pros. They'll weasel word their million-dollar PR campaign and try to make everyone believe they're bigass corporate benefactors ridin' in to save the day with a shiny new version of failure and greed.

We got 'em circlin' like buzzards here in Nanticoke where they're on the way to buildin' a new nuke plant. They're further along the path here in that they got a official enviro-assessment underway and land secured next door to the Nanticoke coal plant.

Email me if you wanna swap stories or talk about stoppin' these crooks from rippin' off the next hundred generations.


Mike said...


Awful dusty in here...

Anybody home?

Ron? Ron is that you? I wonder what's in this closet.....

JimBobby said...

Whooee! Don't worry, Mike. Ronnie's probbly off playin' his mouth organ somewhere. That's gotta be more fun than wallowin' in bloggin' misery.