Tuesday, September 09, 2008

A Democrat I respect...

My head is still shaking!

ex-DEMOCRAT Mike Gravel (former Democrat US senator) speaking on radio regarding Sarah Palin.

QandO for the file. It's a great listen.

I'm still laughing at the show's hosts.

Addendum: I was thinking about this post and doing some follow-up surfing and, in all fairness, the guy is now a Libertarian, so I read. I guess that's no surprise for me since a) I come to my corner of the LRQ with my political growth starting from the left, as well, and b) the guy was making sense.


Mike said...


While I don't personally agree with his soft-touch on Palin (frankly I think she is just as corrupt as those she pretended to replace), I think he hit it right on the head at the end...the Democrats are the Party of War... they voted for Iraq and to give Bush his powers. They voted to allow the Patriot Act and the wiretapping to take place.

Ron said...

Hiya Mike:

Fair enough, and I have no compelling reason to trust her either.

That said, Mr Gravel was a lot closer to the action in Alaska than either of us and, given his background, he had the opportunity to develop some depth of understanding re: Alaska politics generally and the specifics of Palin's activities. I can't see him being that far outside the loop.