Wednesday, May 28, 2008

There are *no* principles involved.

from CNN: Sources: Dems could meet Florida, Michigan half way
Clinton and her supporters have been pressing for a compromise that seats as many delegates from the two states as possible. Clinton's Web site encourages people to write to the Rules and Bylaws Committee.

"There is one number that we are going to be satisfied with, and that is 2.3 million people having their votes counted," Clinton supporter Tina Flournoy said. About 600,000 people voted in Michigan and about 1.7 million in Florida.
Understand this: if Clinton thought she'd lose in those states, she would be fighting every bit as hard to ensure those 2.3 million people wouldn't get their votes counted.

Principled bahaviour isn't her strong suit.

Not that I have a dog in this race anyways; Clinton, Obama or McCain...jeezuz, you poor Americans. That's your top 3 for President???


normalice said...

I agree with your speculation - she would indeed be fighting against it if the tables were turned. However, it is not fair to the voters: it is not fair to those who voted for Hillary, nor is it fair to those who would have liked to vote for Obama.

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe this has gone on as long as it has. The truth of the matter is, Hillary wasn't counting MI and FL when she was leading now that she is behind, she wants to count "every vote". Now, personally I think the only state that she has any inkling of an argument about is Fl b/c both names were on the ballot. As far as MI, it would not be fair to just give her all the delegates and votes when she was the only one on the ballot! Now, I understand that voters from those states are pissed but they are sending their anger in the wrong direction. They need to find out who's idea it was to hold the primaries before the time given and bitch them out over it! I will just be so glad when all of this is over!

Anonymous said...

"Our best 3 candidates"? What kind of Euro trash website is this? Why are you blogging anyways, should you not be out eating croissants and drinking your expresso and all the other Euro crap we see on those great Mentos conmmercials?

Ron said...

"What kind of Euro trash website is this?" you ask?

Well, the Canadian kind, I guess--if I was a nationalist, which I'm not.

Y'see, we live next door to you, and what you do down there has an effect on us.

Don't get me wrong; I still love your country--and I honor the best founding principles that led to the United States even existing--but you used to be the brightest shining light of freedom in the world. For more than decades you were the country that by example best helped prevent us Canadians from degenerating into a much sorrier dump of meddling bureaucratism and unprincipled, damaging "issue of the moment" throw a law at it-ism than we're in now. You have no idea how grateful I am for that.

It's saddening.

But don't get all insulted--we're not doing any better up here. You should check the crap some of us are having to deal with. Might as well drop you right in the middle of it. There are things we're not allowed to say.