Sunday, February 10, 2008

I know sexism and racism when I see it...

...and this puerile screed by Frida Ghitis is full of both.
The dirty little secret of this campaign season that supposedly marks that death of prejudice is that sexism is alive and well at the voting booth. The secret is quietly revealed in the exit polls that pundits dissect after every primary and caucus, expressing awe at the brave march of white voters across racial lines.

Why are white men giving their vote to Obama over Hillary Clinton?
Were I American and a voter, I'd be thrilled to have a female candidate worth voting for--but der Rodham ain't one of those.

Anyways, I read your article, Frida--and you can fuck right off. This:
It does not take a political savant to understand why Obama, a candidate who has inspired much of America, is capturing almost all the black vote. Women, too, have dreamed of the day when one of their own would have a real chance to become president. Until now, the thought was reserved for science fiction or for ill-fated television dramas.

Women are voting for Clinton and blacks are voting for Obama because we all look for people like us, who think like we do, understand our experience and, once in office, would be more likely to make decisions with which we agree.
manages to insult white men, all blacks and all women (except Hillary supporters) in one fell swoop. What you're saying is that neither men, nor blacks nor women are able to see past basic similarities of race and gender when in the voting booth.

Like I said, I know racism and sexism when I see it. And--specifically given the comments about white men--I know anti-white misandry, too.

Addendum: But Frida can relax. She's not a white male, so there's *no* chance she's gonna lose her job over this. She won't even have to sit down with some male, black or white "leaders" for dialogue and (gag me with a spoon) healing.

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