Saturday, December 01, 2007

Spokane schools skip Christmas...

OK. Not exactly. It's just that the Spokane Public Schools newsletter for December omitted Christmas while Hanukkah, winter break, Human Rights Day, the Islamic holy day Eid al-Adha, the first day of winter and Kwanzaa all made the list.

Well, the folks who put the calendar together might have been inept, thoughtless, or trying to make some sort of point. Which is it?
"It was absolutely an error of omission," district spokeswoman Terren Roloff said. "In our efforts to be inclusive, we missed the obvious."
All three, evidently.

Uh, shouldn't that be spokesperson...

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Ron said...

Terren Roloff not only missed the obvious she insulted the Christians who have fought and died for her right to free speech. I would suggestthat any one with such a short memory rear the book by Catherine Millard , the Rewritting of America's History. truly Ron