Saturday, August 04, 2007

You may have already seen this...

but if you haven't:

1964. Stairway to Heaven.


UpMyKilt said...

Whoa! Now I'm confused. Almost EVERYBODY says Led Zep wrote that and recorded it in.. I think the early '70s. What's going on??

UpMyKilt said...

Hold on... I think the date is wrong, Ron. I think that is "The Beatnix" doing it, which would be early 90's at the earliest, I'm sure. Probably someone applied some special effects to the video to make it look old?

Do you have a link to where that video was located?

Ron said...

hahahahahahahahahah :-)

Of course it's the Beatnix, Ian!

And you've got the date right, too.

Good fake, no?

I never once said it was the Beatles.


UpMyKilt said...

Yup, it was a good fake :) That date especially threw me that you have in the post.

I thought 1964 was likely impossible :)

All settled in after your move?