Friday, July 27, 2007

Politicians as chickenshit schoolyard bullies...

New Zealand politicians, upset at being seen as lazy and offensive, have banned journalistic satire as well as coverage that ridicules or denigrates them, according to new rules passed on Thursday.

Members of New Zealand's parliament voted overwhelmingly in favour of the new rules. Just six members of the 121-seat parliament were opposed. (a grateful H/T to Stageleft for the heads up)
New Zealand is a commonwealth country, just like Canada, and ideas historically often do the rounds among member countries.

Best, then, to make as much fun as we can of our Canadian politicians while we're still allowed.

Then, when it's not allowed:

Do it anyways.

And in case I ever get to New Zealand:

"Hey, you Kiwi politicians....I am a freelance journalist/writer. I am satirizing you, gleefully making abject fun of your pretentious, simpering puniness. I'm saying you're ridiculous and this post covering your actions is absolutely intended to denigrate you."

Maybe Canada has an extradition treaty; have at me.


JimBobby said...

Whooee! What a buncha numbnutses. I mentioned over to Stageleft that I figger this sorta law violates the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and Freedoms. It definitely impinges on the rights of professional satirists to ply their trade.

BTW and OT, I just took a look at yer harp page. I'm passin' it along to my harp playin' buddy Mike. Good stuff there.


Ron said...

Off Topic: Thanks JB, very appreciated. Harp playing has been a constant in my life since Jr high (decades ago). There's so much music in the little things :-)

Back to Topic: It is a stupid law, and I'd love to see them try to enforce it. In any case, I broke their law openly and I suggest everyone else do the same.