Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Great news story (and today's message...)...

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Philip Workman, 53, was executed Wednesday. He'd killed a policeman while he was coked up and doing a robbery. Anyways, he asked for his last meal to be a veggie pizza given to a homeless person nearby the prison.

The prison said nope, being as they don't "support charities". Fair enough; they seem busy with other things.

But folks in the area still thought that Phil was at least trying to go out on the right note. The long and short of it is that all sorts of homeless shelters in the area got free pizzas today donated by ordinary citizen-type folks.

So...for whatever reason that reminded me of a cartoon I saw in MAD magazine years ago, about two very aged but good friends who nevertheless had competed ruthlessly, brutally, all their lives. The one old guy is on his deathbed, minutes to go, and the other at his bedside and sorta thinkin' to himself: "it's a horrid shame to be losing my friend, but...well, there's really one game it's absolutely best to be winning, and here I'm is, living on while buddy over here croaks..."

His dying friend gasps and whispers "my old dear friend, last words..."

He softly wheezes to his friend who is hunching over him, bending close to hear: "you, my friend and most worthy adversary, we challenged each other at races in grade school, over girlfriends in high school--and don't forget golf, cards, and football. Some victories to you, and some to me. Later, and with the same results,...we...honored each other by competing directly and unsparingly in the business world..." his voice fading...

"My dearest friend...", straining himself to raise, for only a second, to touch his partner's shoulder...dropping stone dead with a gasped:

"last tag".

Now, that's attitude.

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