Thursday, December 07, 2006

Doin' the Right Thing


Judge gets fired for wrongfully jailing 11 people.

Sloop admitted he violated judicial canons. He blamed his behavior on undiagnosed attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and said he has since received treatment.

He expressed no bitterness over his removal, saying he joined the justices in hoping his removal would help restore public confidence in the judicial system.

"I spent my life helping people understand they are responsible for their actions," Sloop said. "I am responsible for the grievous things that I did."

Class isn't about not making mistakes. Everybody makes mistakes.

Class is about owning up. Good on ya, John.


scout said...

um, ya, i'm glad he admitted he was wrong and takes the blame.....but attention deficit hyperactivty disorder shouldn't produce that kind of behavior. this seems very strange.

it also make sme wonder if he was undiagnosed what his history as a judge has been and how many others recieved wrongful's not like adhd , if that's what he has, creeps up on you all of a sudden.

strange story.

Ron said...

I think his understanding of why he acted like he did will improve over time. He's not denying it was fucked up or who's responsible.

Scout said...

ya, maybe his story will change....or not. good point though that he's still taking responsiblity , and that's what counts.

i remember my dad losing everything in the stock market crash of 1980. i'll never forget his words, 'oh well, it was my own greed that put me in the position to begin with'. i thought that was pretty damn good of him to admit and say.

Ron said...

Hey, the future will tell what he's made of. Sometimes I just think we live in a culture of pillorying people with whom we merely disagree, or we take one moment out of someone's life, and define them by just that. I'm not in a hurry to do either of those things, and my life isn't any the worse for it. He owned up. The cowboy way.