Monday, April 21, 2008

Residential Schools & Mass Graves

H/T Stageleft and Myblagh, (for me, first, by way of Mike at Rational Reasons)

Among the allegations:
4. Fort Albany : St. Anne’s Catholic school (1936-1964). Children killed in electric chair buried next to school.

12. Lytton: St. George’s Anglican school (1901-1979). Graves of students flogged to death, and others, reported under floorboards and next to playground.
Look, this isn't a partisan issue; every major political party in Canada has had ample opportunity to deal with the many documented, and many more alleged, abuses at Residential Schools, to make some effort to ascertain the facts, and to proceed, if warranted, with criminal charges and civil remedies such as they might be--whether as provincial or federal governments.

Mike put it like this:
That is the problem - even allegations of mass murder can't seem to get the attention of the media when it comes to native issues.

But block one highway on a Friday afternoon....
Let's not be afraid of this: the truth might hurt, but it always *helps*.

LOTS more details at

And for an idea about how seriously the CBC specifically prioritizes things: do a search for "mass graves" at using their handy "search" thingy in the upper left hand corner...and see how deep you have to go to find an article about this issue. I sorted by relevance and went 5 pages deep with nary a hint.

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g said...

The CBC and Toronto Star have not reported this story. Canadian Press, Globe and Mail, and SunMedia have.